Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rainbow Scrap Piles

I love this photo.  There really isn't anything about it that makes a good photo.  Is just so colorful and pretty.

Scrap Pile

What is this?  Well yesterday in a fit of insanity I decided to iron and sort my scraps.  I can't imagine what I was thinking.  Its one of those projects where I felt done with it long before I was done with it.  So my scraps by colors.  I was getting them prepared to make doggy blocks.  I started that today but no photos just yet.  Finished too late.  Tomorrow I'll have blocks for you!

Scrap Pile

I'm posting this for you guys, but I also posted on my normal blog.  I think that for future posts I'm just going to direct people here.  That seems to make more sense to me.

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