Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gone Crazy

So last weekend I went insane or something and made 15 of these things.  After the first five or so they got easier.  After ten I decided that it must be so late in the day I should take a picture really quick before I lost the light.


Then I realized that it was only one in the afternoon and I had a bit more time.  So I made the other five.  Three with regular bodies.

Yippity Yap Blocks

The other two were made with white bodies, specifically for Aurora.

Yippity Yap Blocks

There's something special about the white bodied blocks.  In case you didn't notice it, I'll point it out with these arguing puppies.

Yippity Yap Blocks

These white ones are the only ones facing the other direction. 

So then, I had twenty finished.  I was pretty happy with that number, thinking I was done with the dog bits of the quilt.  I laid them all out in what I thought I wanted the pattern to be and realized I needed 21.

More to come on this weekends insanity.  I had a very busy day sewing Thursday and yesterday.  I have a lot to show for it, but I'm not sure its usable for this.


  1. Ack! Ok you have me beat! I only have one good one and one first one that is all crappy- dang girl!! I better get busy!

  2. Squeeeee! Bea, these are darling!!! And not just because you made white ones :)

    I was busy looking at pix and chanting to myself "you are not learning to quilt. you are not learning to quilt ..."

    Excellent work (and very exciting that you got so many done at once.)